Monday, 8 May 2017

Showcomms Stand F19 ABTT 2017

Showcomms will be exhibiting at ABTT Theatre Show stand F19.
Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th June 2017.
In the West Hall Alexandra Palace, London N22 7AY.

Following on from the succes of the Voicepage wireless comunications system shown 2 years ago at ABTT we will showcasing 2 new demonstration systems from Eartec.

The Eartec Ultralite and The Eartec Comstar systems.
Eartec Comstar
Boths systems have an interface unit  to connect to wired comms such as Tecpro / Clearcom and RTS.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Black Tie Slimline Motorola SL1600 radio

I have just seen the slimline Motorola SL1600 2 way radio for the first time and already I love it.

Billed as a Black Tie radio suitable for Corporate and VIP events the radio certainly looks the part with it's hidden display (even my two teenage sons were impressed).

I wouldnt say it was the smallest radio on the market however it is thin (cigarette packet thickness) making it an easier fit into pockets and bags.   However I think they have missed a trick here as the radio lend itself to concealment under clothing. It is a perfect match to use with a covert wireless earpiece kit and place the SL16000 in a radio mic pouch and be worn close to the body under a dress or evening suit or other garments.

Click here for more information and pricing on our website.

Click here for SL1600 headsets and Accessories

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

London Buses Dial A Ride Project for London Transport

During 2016 we received a request from London Transport Buses to supply some sahsboard mounting equipment and tablet charging points on their fleet of over 300 Dial-A-Ride buses.

The order included Brodit USB Charging Socket, Panavise Mounts and Adjustable Passive Cradle for some tablets.

The project came in on budget and on time.

We worked closely with our distributor and LT Buses to ensure an uninterupted install by L.T. vehicle fitters on their Dial-A-Ride Fleet across London.


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