Friday, 2 May 2014

Showcomms is 12 Years Old this month

A big Thank You to all our customers, to all our suppliers, all our supporting network my staff past and present.

Showcomms is 12 Years Old this month.

I learned only last night 80% of businesses don't make 5 years.

Only 4% go on to survive past 10 years.

Of the 4% that make 10 years only 4% of those get past £500K turnover.
Only 1% grow past a £1M
Amazingly only 0.4% will go on to break the £10M barrier.

This financial year, which ends June 30th, we will break the £500K barrier for the first time.
We have grown organically from a One man hire business with turnover of under £50K to an established, growing, profitable SME.

Wow - well done team.

There is one moment moment that, for me, capped it all. 
Early one Saturday morning in 2012  I was up early to watch the start of the 2012 Olympic Torch Procession.

I was sat in my pyjamas, hoping I might just catch a glimpse of one of our BG-F-TETRA Earpieces being worn by the Met. Police Olympic Torch Protection Squad.  

I could not believe my eyes when there one was, Bold as Brass, on the screen, beamed around the whole world on television and all the world's press camera's flashing. One our Earpieces from Bruce Cocks Showcomms Ltd of Chelsfield Village anonymously global.

If ever I felt an emotional sense of pride it was then, as now, with a smile and a watery eye. 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Welcome to Havila Fortress and M/Y Garcon

Havila Fortress
Showcomms are pleased to welcome the Havila Fortress and M/Y Garcon as new customers.

Two more vessels ordering communication accessories directly from Showcomms.

Havila Fortress
IMO: 9126455

Call Sign: C6NX9

Type: Multi Purpose Offshore Vessel
Gross Tonnage: 3017

M/Y Garcon

M/Y Garcon


Call sign:V7XW9

  Support Yacht

GARCON is equipped with every explorer style tender or toy available. With a Bell 365 helicopter, five large tenders ranging in size from 14 meters to 10 meters, a 4 man submarine, a complete custom diving cabin, and numerous jet skis, wave runners and sea bobs, GARCON is truly a uniquely equipped vessel. She boasts a top speed of 26 knots and a transatlantic range. GARCON is a self-supporting ship that can sail any ocean of the world.


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