Saturday, 28 November 2009

New Tecpro system for St Edmund's School goes straight into use

A new 6 beltpack Tecpro 2 system was delivered to St Edmund's School, Canterbury on Thursday, and within 24 hours it was in use in the school hall, as part of a busy schedule of events.
The system consists of one of our Tecpro 2 Theatre and College starter systems. Plus 2 extra beltpacks and headsets.
We sponsor the Schools Theatre Support Group.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

75 radios for Royal Film Premiere

We supplied 75 Motorola Walkie Talkies and headsets to Steve Bonich at Video Europe for the premiere of Peter (Lord of the Rings) Jackson's The Lovely Bones, last night at the Royal Film Performance in the presence of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall at the Odeon Leicester Square.
The radios were used for production and security at the event.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Anyone for Tennis?

This weekend sees the start of the ATP World Tennis Finals at the O2 Arena, and we have supplied
14 RTS beltpacks with headphones, 10 CP040 radios and a base station to the venue for the duration of the 8 day event.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Peltor Dectcom with Tactical XP ear defenders being used by Colas Rail

We are hiring 6 Peltor Dectcom beltpacks, complete with headset mount versions of the Peltor Tactical XP ear defenders with active listening and acoustic awareness to Colas Rail for use by the team operating their RM90 ballast cleaner. This equipment is now part of our hire kit. Two of the beltpacks have push to talk facilities. These beltpacks and headsets supplement their existing system over the next 4 weekends, allowing them to keep the cleaner running on shift changes.
Working around the RM90 is a very high noise environment, with it picking up ballast, processing it and relaying back onto the track and discarding the waste. The crew must have a system that allows clear, safe, communication between them while excluding the noise of the cleaner but maintaining their awareness of what is going on around them.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Ex Demo wireless system ready for interface to Tecpro

We are selling an ex-demo wireless intercom with 2 beltpacks.

This Quail  system comprises of 1 base station, 2 beltpacks, 2 headsets and the drop in 4 way charger.
It is an Ex Demo system, we no longer sell this system it is replaced by the Altair system.
Included in the price are the VMIU Interface which provides an analogue audio input and audio output for connection to external systems such as Tecpro.
Also included is the Tecpro AD903 interface and lead to then get  the communication into and out of Tecpro and similar loop systems.
The Quail system is used by Sainsbury and Fast food chains. It operates at 1.9GHz, away from most DECT phones on 2.4GHz. 
It is full duplex and the beltpacks have 2 mic switches.  Internal (wireless to wireless ) and external (wireless to wireless and wireless to Tecpro) which acts as a on/off mic switch. 
The base station will support up to 6 beltpacks
This Quail system  is ideal for a wireless stage manager or front of house communications in a hall or small theatre interfaced to the house Tecpro or other intercom system.  (the signal willnot pass through walls)  All Full Duplex systems involve a constant carrier transmitter worn on the user.  In the same way body worn radio mics are limited in power output to 10mW, to ensure we dont cook the celebrity over a long period of use,  the same is true for Wireless Beltpacks. As such rule of thumb, coverage is limited to the same as a radio mic range or less! 
The Quail base station has the facility for detachable DECT antennas to help improve coverage. This really assists coverage where the base is located in the bottom of a racked system.
The system will be supplied tested and set for connection to a Tecpro system.
We can supply this also immediately in time for your Xmas production rehearsals. 
The price includes delivery but not installation or a site visit.
Please call Bruce or Duncan for more info 01689 876620

Yours for £1300 + VAT (or £1100 + VAT without AD903 and lead)

Price reduction on ASL headsets

We have reduced the prices on ASL HS1D headsets for Tecpro and other intercom systems. We now list them at only £52. Supplied boxed it is already factory fitted with a 4 pin XLR female plug.
We can also change the plugs in our workshop to XLR4M for RTS beltpacks, XLR5M for CTP talkback, TP120/Nexus for Peltor or just about any other connector...


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