Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Dartford Community Safety Team choose Showcomms

Last week we supplied a range of accessories for Dartford Borough Council Community Safety Team's Motorola DP3600 and DP3400 Trbo radios, consisting of Messenger G earpieces, Peter Jones Klickfast cases and Peter Jones Klickfast beltloops.
Colin Newmarch from Dartford's Community Safety Unit says:
"Dartford Borough Council's Community Safety Unit  has invested heavily in a new digital radio system for its staff, but what it lacked was quality accessories like, headsets and pouches, which were supplied very quickly by Bruce and his team, who managed to source exactly what we wanted in no time at all, thanks Bruce"

And thank you Colin for picking Showcomms!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Centurion SP3 for STP8000

We promise this is the last "new product" plug for a while. Back to where in the world our Broadcast and Events kit is shortly...

The rugged new Sepura STP8000 Tetra radio is proving popular with Police, Fire, Ambulance and Emergency services. The Centurion headset is an ideal combination with the radio, due to the Kevlar cable, large PTT designed for high noise environments and  strong strain relief. So we have recently launched the Centurion SP3 for the Sepura  STP8000 series.

Our Centurion 2 wire covert headset is made with Kevlar reinforced cable and will withstand a breaking force of up to 20kg at the connector strain relief.

The shape of the PTT has been developed in response to the request for a larger, front facing PTT.   This gives it 2 distinct advantages
  1. It is easier to locate with gloves on
  2. It can't  be accidently operated by body armour or kit knocking against it. 
The switch is tested to 2 million presses.

The Microphone is suitable for High noise environments and is worn a hand's distance from the mouth on the chest. The cable is made with Kevlar reinforcement. STP8000 connector
Fitted with secured plug for the side connector on the Sepura STP8000 and STP8100 radiosThe Centurion headset was previously only available in the USA for the law enforcement.
A coiled section of cable just after the radio connector acts as a damper should your radio fall or be accidentally dropped and allows unbroken radio contact in the rest room without the need to remove tucked and loomed cabes or the radio!

  • Flat larger front facing PTT with built in microphone.
  • Postive feel PTT when pressed
  • High noise microphone.
  • Sprung Microphone clip for lapel or covert, inside a shirt / jacket sleeve
  • Acoustic tube curly earpiece with clip.
  • The earpiece attaches to a collar and is worn in the ear in the same way by TV presenters and Security services operatives.

    1 year NO QUIBBLE  warranty
    If your Centurion headset should get broken and you return it to us within 1 year of purchase we will replace it with a new headset.One year 
no quibble warranty

NEW Sentinel headset for Kenwood multipin radios

We have recently introduced our Sentinel-K2 earpiece headset for Kenwood Multipin radios.
It has a large PTT with microphone for high noise environments, the same as on our Centurion 2 wire models. But in other aspects is the same as our BG range, which have sold over 3000 models to British and European Police forces, fire services, ambulance services, councils and security personnel.
It has Kevlar cables, and has a one year no quibble warranty. Here is the full specification:

1 year no   quibble warranty
Fits all Kenwood multipin radios (see list below). As used by prison service, doormen etc
Kevlar Cable
Bigger front facing PTT microphone
Reduced cabling
Acoustic tube earpiece
 1 YEAR no quibble warranty.
A coiled wire leaves the radio and goes to a large, water-resistant, push to talk and microphone which is designed to perform well in the loudest atmospheres. The second wire goes from the mic/PTT unit to a discreet clear coiled tube earpiece. With this earpiece you can talk into your radio at a conversational tone and have crystal clear communication even if you can't hear yourself talk!

This unit uses Kevlar reinforced wiring and top quality strain reliefs which withstand a breaking force of up to 20kg, so it will survive in even the roughest work environment.

If you break this headset, including damage caused during work, within 1 year and return to to us we will replace it.
multipin K2 plug

Kenwood multipin plug: TK190, TK2140, TK280, TK290, TK3140, TK3160, TK3170, TK3180, TK380, TK390, TK480, TK481, NX200, NX300, TK2180

Please call us on +44 (0) 1689 876620 or email bruce@showcomms.co.uk for more details


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