Thursday, 30 April 2009

Dive, Dive, Dive

Showcomms latest plunge into the marine market is to ship a Tecpro system to Eastar Offshore of Singapore for a Subsea Robotics Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).
Who says we don't like getting into deep water!

P.S. we are selling complete Tecpro Theatre starter kits on our website  for just £999.99!
This 4 user system will get you up and running in most Theatres, Schools and Colleges. It is simple to use and all you will require is XLR 3pin cable (standard microphone cable).

The PS711 power has the capacity to double and double again the number of belt packs in use and when productions become more complicated you can operate up to 3 independent communication rings.
4 x BP111 belt packs is enough for most small theatres and if you only need an additional user on the odd occasion it is easy to hire in additional equipment from us at minimal cost.
Please call 01689 876620 and we will be pleased to offer you further information, technical advice or assistance in designing your intercom system.
As part of our support and services we offer an onsite 1st line maintenance including a belt pack, headset refurbishing & repair service. The system shown on our website is a saving of over £140 and comprises of:

4 x BP511 single channel belt packs.
4 ASL HS1D single sided headsets
1 x PS751 intercom power supply

The picture below is now out of date (08/12/2012) and shows our original listing.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

National Police Dog Trials: Day 4

Today's picture is not of a dog, but of one of Leeds Castle's splendid peacocks, who have been strutting their stuff for the crowds over the course of the trials. It has been a busy week for Showcomms, out thanks to Kent Police for organising the event. The winners, who received their prize from Princess Michael of Kent, were PC Dave Buckley and Chaz from Nottinghamshire Police, but the Showcomms tent was too busy for us to get down to the presentation to take a picture!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

National Police Dog Trials: Day 3 - gadgets everywhere

This fine figure of a dog is former Kent Champion Police dog (now retired) Gadget.

... and while on gadgets ... several officers asked us yesterday if we sold Klickfast clips to hold Peli VB3 torches. Well we didn't, but we were straight on the phone to Peter Jones, and now we do. It is on our website here (torch not included).

Friday, 24 April 2009

National Police Dog Trials: Day 2 (come and meet the puppies!)

If you are looking for something free to take the kids to this weekend bring them along to the National Police Dog Trials at Leeds Castle, and let them meet the Metropolitan Police puppies!

Licky time!

Cuddle time!

The end of a long tiring day of play!

National Police Dog Trials: Day 2 (waiting for the woofs)

Another glorious day here at Leeds Castle and the dogs have just started to arrive and compete. After a fantastic first day we are back on the Showcomms Stall again and ready for action!
We are looking forward to day 2 of the event and seeing more these wonderful working dogs in action. If you are in the South East why not come down to Leeds Castle and watch the events and come and say hello? We have a wide range of both police and other communications equipment with us that you can come and see in action and it really is a very interesting event.
As promised yesterday here is the much awaited first picture of the brand new Showcomms display tent!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

National Police Dog Trials: Day 1

Today was the first day out for the new Showcomms outside exhibition tent at the National Police Dog trials at the beautiful Leeds Castle in Kent. Pictures of the tent over the coming days.
Showcomms are exhibiting Police radio accessories, Klickfast, PMR446 radios, the FriskerPro, the Under Car Camera and Peltor SportTac shooting active eardefenders.
We also had the VoiceVest on display, Leeds Castle already have one they purchased off us. And the Clock Audio Tour Guide system, which raised some promising interest.
Anyway, enough of the products. Here is Kent Police Dog "H" getting waggy and sniffy at finding some drugs in a case during one of the displays:

Bruce returns from Infopol

Bruce has returned from Infopol at Kortrijk XPO in Belgium.
He came back with tales of how it all started as a meeting of police over Belgian beer but has now grown into a major European police exhibition. Bruce returned most excited over a possible very large order of EADS Nokia headsets for a police force...
We have also, as the result of enquiries at the show, now added a Peter Jones Klickfast case for the EADS Nokia THR880i to our range.

Friday, 17 April 2009

New Broadcast talkback system coming soon

Wednesday saw a scheduled power outage in Chelsfield for the day, so Bruce and Duncan set off to see Chris Thorpe at CTP Systems in Staplehurst to see a new system being assembled for Showcomms' line of broadcast dry hire kit. Chris, Bruce and Duncan used to work together at VMTV (Visions Mobiles/Molinare).

The new system will have a number of panels centred on CTP Systems' Talkback 24 PC programmable 24 square matrix. They were very impressed at how easy it was to set up, making it excellent for trouble free dry hire.

More news soon on on the first job for the kit scheduled for May.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Bruce goes to Paris

Yesterday Bruce headed off by Eurostar for Paris to show at the Public Security Exhibition at the splendid British Ambassador's Residence. Taking the full range of Motorola, Sepura and EADS Nokia Tetra accessories, the under car camera and the FriskerPro.
He enjoyed himself so much he seemed reluctant to return to a busy office today!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Dect-Com system "shipped"

Today we have shipped (excuse the pun) a 4-way Peltor Dect-Com digital wireless beltpack system to a yacht racing team in Spain. We had previously sold a system to the ill fated Super Aguri Formula 1 team for their pit refuellers.
We are told the system was originally designed for troops operating outside of tanks!
But you don't have to be in the high speed worlds of F1, yacht racing or driving tanks to get the best of this system. It is ideal as a line of site system for use in theatres.
We have a 4-way system we can hire you to try, and will knock the hire cost off the bill if you then decide to buy.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

FriskerPro proving popular with police

Following the Home Office Scientific Development Branch 2009 Exhibition a number of police forces are now using the FriskerPro hand or wrist worn metal detector with silent detection.
They particularly like the fact you can tuck it up your sleeve.
Others interested in the product include local councils for night clubs.
It is a really useful tool for doormen to stop knives etc. But our stocks are getting low at the current price, because of the $ exchange rate they will be going up from £120 to £142 when present stock runs out.

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