Saturday, 10 November 2012

10th Anniversary. Action Coach. Sennheiser Pro Spare parts

Yes as we hit our 10th birthday this year  as a company we have grown beyond the size of our original premises.  Early in 2013  we will be moving across the site to what is known as the
 Red Block.

 For myself I have enrolled on an ActionCoach program commencing 1st Jan. I am looking forward to be under the guidance of Shweta Jhajharia. The ground work is already being put in place in preperation for exciting new times.

Our spare parts website now includes spares for Das, Nagra, Neumann and Rane with Rycote soon to be added.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Website relaunched

The blog has been very quiet again.
Since the end of a very busy summer I have been working on our new website.

I am pleased to say we relaunched the site on the 1st November 2012.
The new site has a clean modern look and offers additional features.

There is a 1p postal rate on the first 40 orders if you would like to check out the cart.

Your feedback and comments would be appreciated. There is some snagging to do and some images still to upload.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

We are exhibiting 3 Exhibitions in Holland then London and later this year in Belgium.

Showcomms will be exhibiting at 3 exhibitions this year starting the first week of June.

                        IVVP Holland, June 6th & 7th, Gorinchem

Innoverend Vakevenement voor Politie

ABTT 2012 13 & 14th June London   
Theatre & stage wired and wireless intercom equipment

      Astrid User Days   Lotto Mons Expo, Belgium, Oct 18th & 19th 
The latest TETRA applications for secure communications are presented in the 3,000 m² exhibition hall. 

What a Journey so far!

I was up early this morning, Saturday 19th May 2012, to watch the start of the Olympic Torch relay on television.   The man  from the TST (Torch Security Team) who lit the torch for the first leg of the relay was wearing a Showcomms Acoustic Tube Earpiece (BG-F-Tetra one wire headset).

As seen around the world and there is one of our earpieces on the left!

The Our journey began about 8 years ago when a Policeman on the first roll out of Tetra Radios in the UK called and asked me if I could get him a headset for his new radio.  His issued headset was no good and he wanted one like the one he had seen on Showcomms website, one like they used on TV! 

If you had said to me then that this same headset would be used by The International Criminal Court, Nato, Belgium Police Forces, Parts of the The Highways Agency, Dartford River Crossing, Westminster City Council, Kent Count Council, Transport for London and that I would be watching out for them on TV for the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay I would never have believed you!

What a journey so far!
Thank you all customers and colleagues both past and present!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Voicevests and Earpieces London 2012

I have received comments from as far afield as Manchester that I have not posted anything on our blog recently.  I shall make amends and start now with a brief summary of what is occurring.
The Olympics have been a important feature of April and May orders. We were very pleased to receive an order from London 2012 for 68 MkII Voicevests (shown below).The Voicevests were delivered to the Venues Team for May 2nd and are already in use. Father and son were in over most of the May Day bank holiday charging and testing all the Voicevests.

The Voicevest has been popular with the train operating companies at key mainline stations (Reading, Bristol and Cardiff for example) during large events. They can also be seen previously in operation on The London Marathon and International Test matches in the UK.  The Voicevest offers a portable hands free PA system for broadcasting information clearly to crowds and queues at Events.  It is also used as part of Fire Evacuation Procedures in large building such as One Churchill Place, Canary Wharf.

Our second Olympic order was for a large quantity of 1 wire earpiece Police headset (BG-F-Tetra) direct to New Scotland yard for their Torch Procession Team.  Yes I will be shouting Look there is one of our earpieces in shot every time I see someone running alongside the torch holder with an acoustic tube on the news. I only wish I could have put huge branded labels on them  as they will no doubt be on the news around the world!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

All the sums added up for Maths in The City

They say everything is governed by formula and complex equations.
Every graph has results outside the mean deviation and on this occasion all the numbers added for our "Factory" VIP Tour Guide System as a  successful candidate for Oxford University, Department of Continuing Education, on their Maths in the City Tours.

The Walking Tours developed by Marcus Du Sautoy uncover hidden examples of Maths in our cities of London and Oxford.   I have included a link above to their website if you are interested to discover more.
I don't believe there is any homework involved!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Building Bridges

Sales techniques keep reminding me to Build Bridges with our Customers.
After many months I have literally got the message, this week has been all about Bridges!

Bill Boley moves bridges, in Chislehurst!
Bill Boley is one of our earliest wired and wireless communications customers from outside the Broadcast Industry.  Bill uses a Tecpro wired Beltpack system to communicate clearly with his team of skilled operators as they use hydraulics to lift large objects!  Bill's team is in nearby Chislehurst and today I dropped in to deliver an 8 way Intercom system they will be using whilst they install a safety skirt under the current bridge. The old bridge has been weak for some time and is to be replaced by the Fourth Bridge between the Petts Wood and Chislehurst sides of the railway line.  Bill Boley's Website.

Staying with Bridges Connect Plus Services have placed an order for Peter Jones High Visibility Klickfast Cases for the Dartford River Crossing.

The cases and accompanying belt docks will  prevent damage from drops to their Tetra Sepura STP8000 radios.  The Klickfast Docking system can only be removed from it's holding Dock in one position at 180 degree making it quickly accessible when needed and otherwise safe & secure when not! 
The Dartford River Crossing Crossing is another local famous bridge and we are pleased to be able to include another Area of Highways operations in England and Wales to our list of customers.


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